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Behind: BL1FE

My name is B-L1FE. I was born and raised in Muncie, IN and now reside in the Houston area. I’m 27. Been down here for close to 4 years. I stand for everything that the industry and music doesn’t. They want hate I want love. They want war I want peace. My name stands for

No Rivals Summer Collection 2019

Welcome to the breakdown of the Summer 2019 collection Here we will break down the movement, capsule, and 1 of 1 pieces from the collection. Movement Pieces: Inspired by the rising and setting of the scorching Summer sun. Featuring $11.11 logo tees. Our first ever canvas slip on skate shoe. And now introducing bundle pack

Behind: Slim

Silas Sorey, also known as SLIM the Young Producer and DJ, was Born In Washington, DC, December 1999. He spent his early years exploring music when teaching himself to play guitar at 8 years old. It wasn’t very long after, that he decided to touch his first mixer at age 12, beginning a new journey

Behind: Lee North

Hi, I’m Lee North and this is my music journey. It all started when I was super young and my dad showed me his rock music. When I was growing up that’s all I listened to. Then I started to listen to pop as well. When I reached 8th grade is when I started to

Behind : Cam

My name is Cameron Reed. I’m an 18 year old photographer outta Houston,Texas and I would say that my work is the most unique and rawest you will find. I started photography about a year ago, I used to make videos, but then I got tired and focused on photos. I really never got any

Behind : Paris

Paris Ingram II is an artist born in Hinesville,GA , growing up in Jasper,FL and began his journey as an artist. At the young age of just 12 years old, Ingram discovered his natural talent for music and dedicated all of his time to it. He released his debut mixtape, “Vibes Point of View” in


I began making music seriously around a year ago. But I’ve always been in love with music since a child my brothers were in a rap group and I actually made a song when I was 8 but never released it for obvious reasons. I decided to take it serious after my deployment in Iraq

Behind: J.A.K.E

So I began creating music because I always loved to write growing up, not even music in general just everything I enjoyed it and I went through a heart break and I started making music, it actually started with a diss track but it became my passion, I live and breath music , it’s all