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Spotify Animation How to

Whatcha talkin about?   Add a visual component to your spotify release with Spotify Canvas.  This cool trick allows you to upload an 8 second loop to complement your track  to use as a unique brand building tool   Why Should I use this feature?   Spotify tested the feature & was able to increase

Behind – Wolf Jesus

I go by the name of WolfJesus. Born and Raised in California. I’m 28 years old. Music saved my life. My genes range from Rap to Bedroom Pop. I like to branch out and do everything. I really enjoy working with other artists and creating something new. I’ve been writing poetry since I was about

Cashroute Snapz

How has the reaction to the project been so far? 1.) So far I have been receiving positive feedback about my new album and I honestly love it and appreciate it. How long did it take to make your project from start to finish, recording-wise? 2.) I would say I made this project in a

Radio Play 101

Radio-play is essential in reaching new ears , building your fanbase, & establishing yourself as an artist to be taken seriously. In this how to we will cover How to submit for play Gameplan for getting you airtime Quick & Easy Radio Play The first step is to evaluate where you are in your career

Behind Alex Goodeaux

Hello my name is Alex Goodeaux owner of The Local Shooter and AWSMUSA I am a clothing designer, currently my brand is on hold cause I also run my blog the local shooter which is a platform for underground artist  to give them the exposure they deserve! I’ve been working on both these for the

Behind- Will2Wavy

Who are you?   WW-. I’m Will2wavy just a producer/rapper i do stuff on the side as well but it’s too much to list    What do you primarily create?   WW-. Rap music   What would you say is your unique sound or message in music?   WW-. My sound tbh ian notice it

Promote your next drop with us

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Behind Trevor Phelps

My name is Trevor Phelps, I’m an artist & I make music that i feel like nobody makes, i haven’t heard music like mine. people tell me that i have a very unique sound and that it’s different. i actually finally started singing and making songs in 2019 before that i was just making beats, 

Behind- Best Wishes

  How long did it take to make your project from start to finish, recording-wise?     Uhhhh, that’s kinda tough to pinpoint. I started working on an EP last summer, but a lot of the songs I had made for it just ended up being released as singles. After that, in the fall, like