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Behind Homeboy760

Who are you/where are you from? Homeboy760 born and raised in Coachella Valley, Ca   What do you make? HipHop/Rap/Production   When did you start? started rapping in 2012.   What makes you different/ what’s your unique style? unorthodox wordplay, flow punchlines, battle rap, beat making etc   Any projects recent or future you’re excited

Behind Chloe Rain

Get behind the art with Chloe Rain – what is your musical style?  I’ve always struggled to label my sound because i truly do feel as though i’ve created my own sound, but the closest style is probably alternative r&b -how did your recent collaboration w Kyng Kilo on “Unfair” come to be? one of

Behind Calcknowledge

I go by Calcknowledge. Calc being short for calculator meaning you can count on me for anything. The knowledge part comes from me providing knowledge to the world. I’m an artist now. I began trying to change the world by mentoring, social media skits and giving advice to my peers. I’ve been rapping for two

Behind Willy Beats

We go behind the art with Willy Beats    Who are you/where are you from   I go by the name Willy Beats, and I’m a Hip-Hop producer/artist from Belton, Texas. Belton is directly in the center of Texas between Waco and Austin.    What do you make   I definitely lean more towards Hip-Hop

Behind Kyng Kilo

Getting behind the scenes of up n coming creative Kyng Kilo & his collaboration with Chloe Rains – Where are you from?  Swainsboro Ga – What is your musical style? I don’t classify myself to one specific style, I have so many.   -How did your recent collaboration come to be? I heard her on a song

Behind- Divine Lotus

Get behind the scenes of Divine Lotus & Ceo/Creative Director John Edget   Who are you/where are you from  – I am John Edget, I’m a self taught Fashion Designer from Grenada, Mississippi.  What do you make-  I make luxury street wear & Anything I could possibly see myself creating.    What Was The Start

Behind Gxne Til Nxvember

Q: How has the reaction to your project been so far?   A: better than expected but I usually go do 3/5 shows around L.A. the month a project is released to promote the project because performing new music infront new people who haven’t heard it yet is a big way i like to try

Behind Hybrid

Behind the Creation of “Hybrid”  from the upcoming creative Young Smoke   How has the reaction to your project been so far?  Its been alright, more and more people are starting to see it, its just a matter time right now.   How long did it take to make your project from start to finish, recording-wise?

Getting Booked 101

Getting Booked 101 You have dreams of rocking the stage, fans going crazy to your new release.  But first, you have to get booked to perform. In this how to, we’ll be going over the process of getting booked for shows.  Some tips to get the gig What to expect when getting booked Benefits of

2020 vision – Bad Bizz

I’m bad bizz & I make alternative/hip hop  music   There’s not a lot of people, especially around my area that seem to make the same type of music as me. A lot of my writing comes from struggles and is just me getting things off my chest, but i like to use different beats