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Behind: Amenta

The names Amenta. I will only accept that name or Eloshia, a name I made up for myself that has personal meaning.  The idea or spark i got to start to making music started around 2015 to 2016. For years I didn’t even like rap cause all I heard was “pussy” and “nigga” but now

Yung S!X

My name is Ariel Gross, however my stage name is Yung$!X. I’m a 21 year old rapper, singer, songwriter, & engineer, but i also do a little producing every now and then. I’m from small town, Morehead, Kentucky & i’m just tryna make good music that people feel & vibe to.    What Do You

Underground Freshman-Noah Gault

Representing Atlanta Georgia, this talented young artist blends hazy melodies with overlapping vocals to create his unique sound. Boasting multi 10k+ tracks on SoundCloud , this artist will be the one to produce your  next favorite song. See more from Noah @noahhgault333 Freshman List No Rivals home

Behind -Josh Dage

My name is Josh Dage, I’m 19 and I’m a photographer/filmmaker. I make a lot of things, but I primarily work with photos and music videos. I also do concert recaps, album covers and promotional flyers. I started with a camera when I was super young maybe 4-5 years old. My mom was a photographer

Global Dan

Hailing from Maryland, Global Dan has seen huge, quick growth in his creative career. His first song “Off-White” blew up overnight , leading him to collaborate with the brands owner Virgil Abloh on his first EP.  Global Dan combines trap, melodic, and punk rock inspired sounds to create his own unique style.  See more from

916 Frosty

Hailing from California, 916Frosty is an emerging artist in the underground boasting multiple songs with 1million streams. At only 17, 916 is the youngest Underground Freshman to date. Frosty has a knack for creating an orchestral sound combining guitar riffs and other samples. He is known for his popular tracks “Space Dash”, “enough”, and “Friday”

Behind: Mammoniel

Homer Jackson IV Madnes(_One) Mammoniel (soon to be legal name)   I’m an artist, I draw and paint, I make music, clothing, weapons, armor and accessories like gloves, hoods and belts.   Ive been doing Trap Metal for a little over 5 months now, ive been a singer or whathaveyou for almost my whole life.

Behind: Lil Gnar

Hailing from California, Lil Gnar is a multi faceted creative- with titles of  rapper, designer, and skateboarder.     Prior to his career in music, Gnar achieved success in the fashion industry with his skateboard lifestyle brand “Gnarcotic”. From there he began meeting future collaborators that inspired him to begin his own journey into the music industry.  

Behind: Gannaway photography

My name is Elijah Gannaway, i make photography, films, poetry, and if I really feel it music but right now photography and film are my main two I started photography and my first short film  in the top of the 2018. I try to take the human experience as a journey and I like to

Behind: Sly Ross

My name is Sly Ross I love to make hip-hop/rap music that anybody of my generation can relate to I cant tell you the year when I started rapping but just know it started with a recording mic and tape recorder and remix version to the happy birthday song to my Auntie lol What makes