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‘Dunkirk’ Is A Memorable Film Of This Generation

Christopher Nolan recreates the tragic events that occurred in 1940, leaving you at a loss for words.

By Alex Guerrero

Have you ever been on the Kingda Ka from Six Flags? Well, that’s only 30 seconds. This film is an entire two hours of that madness. Nolan, not only directed the film but also wrote the script and produced it as well.

“Dunkirk” is based on the 1940 attacks on Allied soldiers on the seaside of Dunkirk, France. Where the Nazi’s invaded the soldiers as they were heading home on boats with no weapons for protection. I consider this film a masterpiece because it simply is. Nolan raised the bar very high with this one.

Although major hits and all time favorites “Interstellar” and “The Dark Knight” are just a few of his well-known projects, this one took their place. It’s not necessarily comparing them all together, but each of these films is uniquely their own film.

Nolan uses practical effects in “Dunkirk” as he has in his entire career. Not usually the type of filmmaker who believes in CGI for the most part, Nolan was able to mix both CGI and practical effects together so you can’t really tell what is real or fake.

That’s one reason why he is respected by many, including other filmmakers. In “Dunkirk”, you feel like you’re actually there. It gives you goosebumps and also a bit of sadness in you since its like you’re right there, on the beach, watching every tragic moment happen.

It isn’t the IMAX aspect that makes it feel incredibly real, its Nolan’s magic of cinematography. He makes it seem so tense and eye catching, it just leaves you at a loss for words. At times, I felt out of breath and the chills all over my body were going off at a constant rate while watching this movie.

Nolan wanted to limit the dialogue in the script as little as possible and spread out throughout the two hours of the film to have more focus on the war aspect of it. The first 10-15 minutes introduce a few characters, then goes straight to the action.

It starts and just keeps going on and on. He said that the script was in I believe, three perspectives; land, sea, and air. Basically just showing every moment that happens during the whole fight three different ways. I’m just immensely shocked from this film.

Not by its success, not because it made $131 million at the box office, shocked by how powerful this film defines itself. Every gripping moment has you speechless. It is remarkably Nolan’s most memorable films in his entire career. Watch it for yourself.

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