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Merch Creation

Creating merch is costly & hard, creating , promoting, & shipping your products can get overwhelming.We provide a different solution-

our create on demand system allows you to sell unlimited amounts of merch, without buying mass quantities!

This  allows you to sit back & relax knowing you won’t risk losing money, & can create a steam of passive income!

We also offer samples for you to wear, sell at shows, or giveaway to fans!

We handle-

Creation- when the customer orders your merch we create the piece! This allows your customer to pay the production fees (so you don’t!)

Hosting- at

Shipping- we get the product to your customer within 1.5-2 weeks

We handle the work, you collect passive profits.
We currently offer:
& Vinyl records!

Each item in your collection is a 1 time $10 fee ( example- a tee & poster would be a one time $20- then from there you never pay again!)

We currently help dozens of creatives take the next step into their creative career. Will you be the next?

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